Home Buying for Veterans

Home Buying
for Veterans

Being a first-time home buyer can be daunting, especially when you are not sure where to begin.

As a service member or veteran, you know that there is no challenge too great for you to overcome. You also know that with a trustworthy team on your side, you can achieve bigger, better goals.


By working with Milvets Home Team, you will have the knowledge and support of our veteran-run team behind you — from start to finish, we have your six.

To determine how we can help you, we need to know a little bit more about you.

By reaching out for a One-on-One Consultation, either virtually or over a coffee, we will have the chance to start a frank discussion with you. Or, we can meet at one of our group-based Buying Seminars.

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Our Plan
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Wherever we meet, once we know more about who you are, we will have a great understanding of how we can help you achieve your goal of buying your first home.

Our experienced team members are experts at helping first-time homebuyers land on their feet — because at one point or another, we were in your position.


I’m Active Duty military, and this is my 11th move during my career. Without question, TJ is the best Realtor I’ve ever worked with. He pays attention to how well a home has been maintained and identifies specific sources of damage that may cause problems for inspections or could support a lower offer. He also conducted a careful market analysis to determine what offers my top contenders could support. Most importantly, he listened to what was important to me and really worked hard to ensure that I ended up with the best property, the best loan, and the best terms possible. I will refer all my military friends and I’ll use him again if I move in the future. Thanks TJ!

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A Clear Pathway
to Success

Working with honesty, integrity, and compassion is essential to everything we do. You can rest assured our seasoned team is ready to guide you through the entire home buying process at your pace.

From qualifying for the best VA-backed home loan to accounting for every last moving box, our team will ensure you are prepared for everything, including Murphy.

Once you feel ready to start, all you have to do is let us know.

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